Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Afternoon everyone! Hope all is well. Today has been raining all day and will continue to rain! Thank God for rain!

My wife, April, is doing very well. THe kids are being onery today LOL. Other than that, we are all doing well and happy family.

Elizabeth is now taking a nap while Amanda is watching Dora the Explorer. Amanda didn't want to take a nap and I know she'll sleep good tonight.

Well that's all the news for now! Until then, take it easy and God Bless.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Morning to you all. May God bless you and keep your life safe and in peace! I am doing well. My kids are goofy. My wife is in bed sick! Sure hope she'll be better as soon as possible. I have been writing a blog called My life as a deaf man. You can read it at . This is about me and my point of view. You can comment or read it, or both LOL .

It a beautiful day in Oklahoma and I am ready for winter to come! Christmas is my favorite Holiday where we can get the family together and love each other more LOL

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a good night sleep! We woke up this morning around 8 AM. We gave the girls a bath and dressed them up in warmer clothes. Today was much cooler than usual and I am sure it's because Autumn is here. I love it when the leaves colors are changing and also lesser bugs LOL.

My wife and I washed dishes together and talked while washing. After the dishes were done, April (my wife and she's not born in April! LOL) decided to make some breakfest for all of us. She have gotten much better from her bad cold. I am glad and sure missed her smile and laughter.

The kids are doing well, they fought over a toy! We had to separate them LOL. So April set them down by the tv and have them watch some kid shows and they calmed down. (thank god!) Amanda will be 3 in December 9th, APril will be 23 on January 16th, I will be 30 on March 20th and Elizabeth will be 2 on March 23rd! We are growing beautfully as a family.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It was a nice night for all of us. We decided to go eat at McDonalds for dinner so that way we don't have to wash much dishes LOL. I thought it would be nice for the family to go out and have a good fun. Tonight was a bit chilly so the girls wore some warmer clothes.

Ummm not much going on! Just got my first paycheck in over a year! It made my day LOL. I am just fortunate that the schools would allow me to substitute despite my hearing loss. I am counting all the blessings that God have given me.
It's a beautiful day but my wife and I are still a little sick from the cold. The children seems to be content and playful with each other. We had a wonderful breakfest and now we (my wife and I) are just enjoying our cup of coffee while watching the kids play and watching Dora the Explorer.

In the scripture of Phil 4:13 it says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me" and it's a wonderful scripture! It helps me know that no matter what the circumstances or situations we are in , good or bad, we can survive anything as long we put God first. We don't let our sickness or pain get in the way of taking care of our children and making sure they are happy and in peace with our Lord.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a day! We had a very busy day. My parents came here after the shopping and got my kids some cute little toys. We had a great dinner, Turkey potpie!!!, and it was good stuff! I am just a proud husband and father of our 2 little girls. They girls watched Dora the Explorer, Diego the Rescuerer, Spongebob, and many other kids shows. We just watched the shows with them and enjoy the day.
My wife made wonderful biscuits and gravy for breakfest and it was gooooood! The kids played around like usual and my parents stopped by to see the kids today for a while. Today is my parents' 35th Anniversary! Congrats Mom and Dad!

My wife and I are doing better, we are not as ill as yesterday. We are still coughing a little but not as bad. THe kids are behaving well and i am soo proud of them.

I just read a newspaper about some parent using an infant as a sheild. How could someone use an infant?????? How evil can a parent be to destory an innocence baby as a sheild? I just don't understand his or her motive to do this. I am glad to hear that the baby is well and taken care of.

On a brighter note, it's a beautiful Afternoon! THe sun is shining and i wish I was well enough to mow the backyard!
Good Morning everyone! I just woke up before 8 AM feeling much much better :) The girls are still asleep LOL. Beautiful day outside, a little windy, but that's okay. I am just thankful to God that I am not as sick as yesterday.

I watched some Ghosthunter TAPS shows last night and they were pretty good. Makes me wonder if there's a ghost in every house? LOL
Finally my oldest daughter went to sleep LOL. I am going to hit the sack and hopefully I'll feel much better when I get a good night sleep! Good Night everyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What a day! Kids were being playful and wanted us to play with them, read a book, and show us so many different things in our home. My wife and I were not feeling well but managed to get through the day caring for our kids. It's a blessing to recieve strength from our Lord and get through the day. I pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and strength tomorrow!
The youngest one just woke up and saw me when i came into her room. She was soooo happy to see me and waited for me to give her a good morning hug. Got her out of the crib and say "good morning!" It's a blessing to see your own child smile in the morning. It proves that God is Love and His love is true.
I have been reading alot from the Bible lately. It has given me so much wisdeom and brought me closer to God. I know that I should've kept on reading it a long time ago and I regret it. Now I am seeing that it's so important to me as a father and a husband to make sure that my children know God as much as they can.

I told a good friend of mine that no matter how good I am or how much we can preach the Word of God, we will always sin. We all fall short in the glory of God. No matter how much or how little I know God, prayers, or the Word of God, I will always sin before God. That's why we all need Him and it's important to pray for forgiveness after we repent.

It feels goood to be able to write some of my thoughts and journey in my life. It's almost like writing a book about my life LOL. I just thank God for everything He has given to us. Whatever I ask him, He gives me what I need to take care of me and my family.
My daughter has just woken up and went up to me "daddy! I want to watch Dora the Explorer" LOL. She is such a goofball but I am sooooo proud of her. She is able to go potty on her own and count up to 10 in english and spanish! Man, even I can't catch up with her. She's also learning sign language to communicate with my wife and teaching our youngest daughter what she have learned. God has blessed them and I pray that He will use them in His will.
Not a great morning to start out! I woke up with a sore throat and a little headache. My wife was pretty sick for the last 2 or 3 days and I was hoping that I was still be well to make sure the kids and my wife are well. So I need a prayer that God will help us get better as soon as possible and that He will bless our home.

Today in Sequoyah County, we are supposed to have a severe thunderstorms with possilbe hails and torandoes! So pray for Sequoyah County's safety!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a wonderful day and we are blessed by God. I watched my children play together and showed each other love and compassion and I thought to myself, these are the children of God. I tend to forget how much God have given me and that I am blessed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for a home, a family and most of all, our Salvation by the grace of Jesus Christ. Without our Lord, we will never be where are at today.

God's Blessings

Don't take wealth as your number one source of happiness. Our true richness is in our heart when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. That free gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

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