Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a good night sleep! We woke up this morning around 8 AM. We gave the girls a bath and dressed them up in warmer clothes. Today was much cooler than usual and I am sure it's because Autumn is here. I love it when the leaves colors are changing and also lesser bugs LOL.

My wife and I washed dishes together and talked while washing. After the dishes were done, April (my wife and she's not born in April! LOL) decided to make some breakfest for all of us. She have gotten much better from her bad cold. I am glad and sure missed her smile and laughter.

The kids are doing well, they fought over a toy! We had to separate them LOL. So April set them down by the tv and have them watch some kid shows and they calmed down. (thank god!) Amanda will be 3 in December 9th, APril will be 23 on January 16th, I will be 30 on March 20th and Elizabeth will be 2 on March 23rd! We are growing beautfully as a family.
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