Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mother and Daughters

Sweet miracles were given to my wife,
When least expected from God.
Out into the world they came,
Mother gave birth to two beautiful girls.
Their sweet scents increased in the atmosphere,
They were twice the blessings.
Their eyes were brown like father's eyes,
But their smiles were like mother's.
The oldest daughter's hair was curly,
And the youngest daughter's hair was wavy,
Like they were two different flowers
But their beauties were equal in God's eyes.

Roger Alex Sanchez Jr.Copyright ©2007
Roger Sanchez (Editted on 11/11/07)

My Life as A Man
I am a father to my daughters.
My daughters wants me to hear but
I can only smile and say "I am sorry",
I can only talk with my hands.
My wife knew how I felt
Because she lived in the World of Silence.
I knew how sad they were,
But at least they know they're loved by us and God,
And sometime that's enough to help them smile and say "I LOVE YOU TOO".
They asked me "Daddy, does your leg hurts?"
I said "No, it doesn't".
I am sure you all were probably wondering"What happened to his leg?"
I am an amputee, deaf, and speech impaired,
but God had made me a warrior that He can count on.
Just because I am disabled,
Doesn't mean God can't make me a Warrior,
He will use me if I have TRUE FAITH IN HIM.

Copyright ©2007 Roger Sanchez Jr.
(editted on 11/11/07)

Why Me?

Why me God?
Did you make me deaf or an amputee?
Why me baby?
Did you loved me despite my disabilities?
Why did my two daughters loved me as I am today?
Why me Lord?
The answer are:
Because God wants me to be strong despite my disabilities,
And to love a wife
And to appreciate the children that God gave me.

Copyright ©2007 Roger Sanchez (Editted on 11/11/07)
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