Friday, September 14, 2012

Trusting God without fear and doubt.

In the flesh, it's easy to be afraid to trust God 100 percent.  Doubting and Fearing are something I have struggled with for a long time and even at the present time, I feel that the flesh is trying to take over my emotion and spiritual peace by fear. 

Trusting God is very important to me.  Despite the circumstances I have faced today, I still thanked God for the blessings we have.  I thanked Him for my wife, my four daughters, a home, a van to drive, and limited income.  Even though I found out that my SSD got reduced, it shook my spiritual being by disappointment and anger.  But I reminded myself with my wife's help that God is full of Grace and full of Blessings  and we still need to trust Him 100 percent.  So I am sitting in my office in the carport, thanking God no matter how much it hurts us to know that our budget got reduced.  At least we are abler to pay for our home, bills, and food. 

Trusting God means give all our problems and trials to God.  Let's God take care them while we rest in Christ.  Christ have died for us so that we can have the blessings we don't deserve.  He died with sin, by being poor, and scourged for us so that we can be blessed according to His richness.  It's not by our performance that we will receive the blessings from Him, it's by Trusting God with everything we are and having the faith that is focused only in Christ Himself. 

When we put fear in the trust, the trust become shakable or unstable.  Throw that fear out and just Trust Him.  No matter what happened to us or what we are all going through, God is still your answer by Looking at Jesus on the Cross.  The Cross provides us the wisdom and blessings that we can receive by Grace alone. 

Keep on trusting God fully.  Smile and keep on praising Jesus.  He's our Light and we are in it! 
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God's Blessings

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