Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to the old blog!

Hello everyone!  I am back!  I really enjoyed writing on blogger.  So far, I have been writing on Hubpages and since it's not for personal blog, I decided to pour out my heart to this blogger page again. I hope and pray that this page will continue to bless you.

Grace New Covenant Church *Deaf Mission* is going very well.  As a pastor, I have noticed that many people are hungry and thirsty for His Word.   Since ASL (American Sign Language) wasn't my primary language to start out with, the congregation was kind to teach me as much as they can.  For that, I am always grateful for their love and trust that have in me as a pastor, a friend and a brother in Christ. 

This church started out as a bible group that had about 6 people (not to sure if I remembered correctly!) and over the next few weeks, they have asked me to set up a church.  I have had the desire and heart to create a church for a long time and I know that God have called me to the ministry for the deaf.  Now we have over 20 people in the church, both deaf and hearing and I am so blessed to be their pastor. 

I would like to start writing my input on my thoughts and experiences as a pastor in this blog.  If you have any question about my experiences, my thoughts, questions on the Bible, let me know! 

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