Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thoughts on church leaders.

My thoughts for today.

I noticed that there are some pastors, ministers, and leaders, worried about what's going on in today's world. I was thinking: Aren't we supposed to look up, pray, and not worry about those things? No matter what, in this world, there will be many chaos, wars, famines, and evil doers in the world but we can't let that put fear and anxiety into our hearts and minds. If we show that we are fearful as pastors or leaders, or being upset of how the government is running, or how the world is operating, how do we expect the congregation to feel uplifted? Quit being so fearful and put our trust in the Lord completely and allow Him be the one that guide us and give the peace that the world can't give us. Love, Prayers, and Faith, are the keys that can put the fears of the world out of our minds and hearts. Let's always talk about Jesus, the Good NEWS, the healing, the Love, the good things that God wants us to focus on, not the world's news. The world is not going to bring you peace, happiness, and blessings. Only Jesus, the Son of the Living God, the Word, the Bread of Life, the Prince of Peace, the Healer, The Teacher, can give you the peace, the healing of all kinds, the Love that is eternal, and good things into our lives. Love one another, help each other, and pray for one another. God bless you all!
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God's Blessings

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