Monday, December 23, 2013

Journeying into 2014

The year of 2013 have given me many new challenges.  As of now, I have been a pastor for the deaf for Grace New Covenant Deaf Mission Church and Executive Director for Fort Smith Association of the Deaf. 

My goals for 2014 is to continue to reach out the rejected, the lost, new people to Christ.  I love to preach all about Jesus and share the Love of Christ.  It's one of the most wonderful blessing that God have given me, to preach the wonderful Gospel. 

As executive director for Fort Smith Association of the Deaf, I am facing new challenges as well.  Creating events to reach out not only to the deaf but to CODA, the hearing, and those who are interested in the deaf culture and its environments.   FSAD is looking forward to providing new connections to the deaf world, different educational classes , and empower both deaf and hearing worlds !

If you would like more information, please check out our facebook!

Grace New Covenant Deaf Mission Church:


Fort Smith Association of the Deaf


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