Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My thoughts for today.

First of all, before we became Christians, we were non believers first until someone came to tell us about Christ, His Salvation, and His finished works on the Cross. 

Second of all, just because they don't believe in Him or turn away from God, doesn't mean that we should be judgmental of how they live their lives or what they believe in, or bashing them because they turn away from Christ.  We are here as peacemakers, to love them, to uplift their spirits, and to be there for them when they need our help. 

Look in the Bible, there are countless of events where Jesus healed the sick that were not even believers until after they got healed.  Jesus showed the Love for you and others first before we came to Him.  We changed or transformed AFTER we wholeheartedly accept Christ as our Savior.  Anyone can say, "I am saved" but it must be in the heart not the mind.  It must be a spiritual acceptance of allowing Christ to enter your heart and feel the loving presence of the Most High God. 

What can we do as Christians to those who rejects Him?  Don't condemn them but instead, PRAY for them!  LOVE them!  Let them go and God will take care fo them and go to others people to whom we can witness the Love of Christ.  We can't force anyone to accept Christ.  It must be their free will choice and we are not to interfere with it. 

God's Blessings

Don't take wealth as your number one source of happiness. Our true richness is in our heart when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. That free gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ.